algPoS was established in 2011 by Andrew Gable. Since our conception we have been working hard creating simple yet powerful EPoS software for a wide range of retail customers.

Our owner, Andrew has been involved with the retail world since he was 16. algPoS is the result of nearly 10 years of development and coding, originally being coded in QuickBasic and running on MS-DOS 6.22.

The latest version of algPoS EPoS applications have been migrated to Debian 12 and have also recevied a large update to looks as well as Functionality. We use Gambas3 for our Linux Development.

algPoS is based in Northampton, primarily covering Northampton, Milton Keynes surrounding areas. We however are equipped to deliver and support customers across the whole of the UK.

algPoS welcomes payments by the following methods: -

Cash (For Invoices under £1,000)
Bank Transfer

algPoS is part of the ALG Gable Group owned by Andrew Gable.

All about us

Tel : (01604) 289 431