We pride ourselves on how stable our EPoS applications are and we offer support on all our software as well as the hardware if brought from us.

Due to the nature of the systems we do not offer any support on Windows itself as this is not our product but We would have set your system up to download the important updates to the machine and install them.

WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT USE Windows 10 on our PoS terminals We will use Windows 10 on the back office workstations but due to the nature of the Front ends (the Point of Sales) we will not even consider windows 10 (as recently our applications have been marked by Windows 10 as not being genuine applications and are being deleted. We believe this is due to the programming language we use (Visual Basic and not C++ as Microsoft wants everyone to use)

We offer 2 forms of Support and they are Pay as you go and yearly contract.

for further support please email us on support@algpos.co.uk or ring us Monday - Friday 9am 6pm Saturday & Sundays we are closed but open only for support via email.

Migration to Linux on The Point of Sale Terminals
algPoS has started work on migration of our EPoS systems (mainly the front of house system) to Linux as We feel this is the best option for use at the front of the store.

The move is designed to Lower the total cost to our customers as well as allow us to offer the best systems we can, We have selected Debian 10 for the operating system and this has been set to auto start our software after it checks with our servers to see if there is any updates available for the program. (If a update is available on our servers it will be securely downloaded to the Point of sale system and install before it boots the PoS Software)

Once the Linux system is live we will discontinue the Windows version of the Till software and IF any systems have been brought from us with in the last 6 months of the changeover we will convert these systems over to the Linux application for Free.


Tel : (01604) 289 431
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