Terms & Conditions for algPoS
Recenlty algPoS has had to update our terms and conditions of sale these are listed below.

IF you order from algPoS you are legally agreeing to the terms listed below.

1. Payments
   Because algPoS is a small company we can no longer offer ANY credit services we have had to remove this option as previous
   customers have taken too long to pay for their Point of Sale systems.

1.a Ordering
   If you order from algPoS then you agree to PAY for your order up front (as we no longer offer any credit services)  WE have a 100%
   refund policey if we can not honor your order with in 3 weeks (Some of our products come from Norway so they are sometimes delays
   in delivery)

  Once a order has been placed and paid for algPoS Aims to configure, install and set up your system with in 1 week of the order. THIS
  promise is not applayable if we have to scan your stock into the system as this process can take on its own 2-3 days depending on the
  size of your store and the amount of stock you have.

  algPoS advices that once the system is installed and is ready to go You should do a full stock count so your stock levels are correct 
  when you go live with the system.

2. Ownership
   ALL products belong to algPoS until paid for. IF ANY credit has been agreed then payment MUST be recevied within 14 Days of the
   invoice OR algPoS will return to remove the Terminal(s) from your shop.

   algPoS are happy to supply written quotes but they are only valid for 7 days. If you do indeed decied to allow us to become your point
  of sale hardware & software provider we would re-issue a up to date Invoice that would be what you Pay.

4. Operating System
   algPoS software is desgined to work on the Windows platform. We can support the lastest Version of windows (upto Windows 7 Pro)
  at the moment algPoS can not garantee compatabliaty with Windows 10 as we do not like that operating system as it is to heavy on

  With our planned move into Linux algPoS are no longer supporting Windows offically but if you order from us during the transiation
  period we still will be selling out Windows PoS software.

5. Upgrades & modifications
   algPoS will not longer offer FREE upgrades on any of our products unless we have found a major system fault with a given program
   and then if it is making your buiness to lose money then we will rectify the problem. Otherwise the problem will be rectified in a latter
   software update.

6. Support
   algPoS does NOT offer any free support any more, this is due to our software being reliable and stable (as best as we can make it as
   it has to run on top of Windows) We do offer PAID Support services.

7. Add on services
   algPoS IS NOT responsible for add on services for example Card processing. We use 3rd party companies to provide these services,
   within our software and we will not be held responsable for any problem on their systems.

   algPoS is also NOT responsible for any charges or requirements of these 3rd Party companies all agreements and charges are with
   the companies and NOT algPoS.

8. PoS Server
   Recently algPoS has overhulled our EPoS software and now the retail system required a standalone Database server if you do not
   have this on your network then algPoS can not be held reposablie for ANY unstableness of your system.

9. Auto Data Sending to algPoS Servers
   from version 6 oif the EPoS system every night the Back office or PoS Server will connect to our main servers and sync all your
   databases to our server. This is a FREE Sevice that algPoS offers as we like to help our customers by providing off site storage of
   your data. If you do not want this then we can turn the function off but if you loose any Data then you can not blame algPoS or any of our
   enginners or 3rd party contactors.
Tel : (01604) 289 431