Datalogic magellan 9800i scanner / Scale

The newist developemnt in barcode scanning technoklogy Datalogic Introduces
the 9800i ALL DIGITAL scanner / scale.

These units are avavalibe to see in action at Lidl's UK store

Only avaliable brand new
Incounter scanners
   algPoS has finally updated our Point of sale software to work fully with OPoS complient in counter scanners / scales.

We recommed the following scanner / scales to be used with our EPoS Software (please note at the moment all Scales MUST be approved for use by your local Weight and Messures department)
Datalogic magellan 8400 scanner / Scale

You may have all ready come across theses scanner / scales when ever
you have visited Morrison's as these are the scanners of choice for

They are exreamly high speed and acuarate scanners for any business
Supermarket area.

Only avaliable brand new and refubished
Tel : (01604) 289 431

EPoS Made Simple
NCR 7878 Scanner / Scale

If you have installed our NCR hardware package with the Dynakey why not keep
all your PoS brand the same and use the NCR 7878 Scanner / Scale this Unit is
powered from the PoS so it removes the need for a sepectare power brick. The
unit communctars to the PoS via a Powered USB connection and this allows the
PoS to run at the same speed your cashier can run at.

Being from NCR you can have peace of mind of MEANY Years of service and

Only avaliable brand new and refubished
NCR Real Scan 79 BI Optic Imager scanner / Scale

Just like Datalogic NCR have a brand new ALL DIGITAL Imainger scanner / scale
with no laser to hurt the users eyes and no moving parts this scanner / scale
is the quietest on the market.

Only avaliable brand new