IBM SurePoS 500

The IBM SurePoS 500 is a idea Touch system with the power to run today’s and tomorrows applications

We can also convert the IBM SurePoS 500 to Linux once we have finished our Linux migration
algPoS believes in allowing our customers the wide choice of hardware so there for we have selected the best of the IBM hardware range for our Retail PoS. Listed below is the current hardware we can get from our IBM Suppliers. All hardware is 100% compatible with our Retail PoS application
IBM SurePoS 300

The IBM SurePoS 300 is ideal to fit into any Checkout stand this machine can be found in places like Co-op, Homebase, Boots etc

Running our RetailPoS this Machine will serve you well for years
SureMark 1 1/2 slip printer

The SureMark Printers are fast and powerful to handle any demanding retail area.

Being Thermal this printer makes no noise as it print.

IBM Hardware (Refurbished only)

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