algPoS has teamed up with the best independent finacal Service providers to offer you our customers the chance to afford our systems with out having to have the cash ready.

The way it works
You contact us and tell us what system you want and how meany Till, *Card Processing terminal, Back office terminals etc you want.

We then issuse you a quote and if you want to go for Finace we then provide you the contact information for the finace company we use.

IF your order is over £3,000 (min lending value of our partners) you can inform us that you would like to try for fiance and then we would email you the details over, we then send them a copy of your Quote and you and our account manager work out the rest between yourselves

Once the leanding has been approved we will be notified and we then start the pocess of getting your order configured and ready to be installed. Our Aim is normally to have your systems Installed With in week of you getting the leanding.

* Card Processing terminals will be coming latter in 2017 (This service is Powered By Payment Sense)
Supporting Our Customers
Tel : (01604) 289 431