Integrated Chip and Pin card solution from SumUp - Why Integrate?

- No double keying, with associated risk of errors
- No assistant handling of cards
- More accurate till reconciliation as all card transactions have been approved via
  Our software
- Broadband (ADSL) based for quick authorisation times, approx 5 seconds
  compared to 30-40 seconds for a PDQ using a standard telephone line
- No line rental as it utilises your existing broadband connection.
- Reduced desk space as you only need a pin pad.
- Easier to train new staff
- More professional, customers prefer consolidated receipts.
- Pay as You go card processing or special low rates (subject to contact with SumUp)
- Chip & Pin Terminals Supports Contactless, ApplePay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay
- No third party acquirer - deal direct with SumUp

algPoS can process all the printing function from the PoS terminal. This allows us to save the store's (merchant) slip encrypted into the EPoS systems main database this will allow you to easily find slip data  (via the back office computer system) and will allow you to have a record of all your sales on card for as long as you use the algPoS system (as the information is only stored in the database as letters etc it does not take any room in the database)

Using this interface it also allows us to print the customers card slip within the customers main receipt so they only have to handle 1 slip of paper better for you and better for the customer.
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