NCR Base Unit 7456
The 7456 base unit starts off with a 700MHz Proccessor with
512MB RAM this base unit has the power to run algPoS leading
retail software NPoS, as well as the addons (like card processing
Loylty card) now and into the future. Based either on Windows
2000 (if no intergrated card processing is to be done on the
terminal at ANY TIME) or Windows PoSReady 2009 (Ideal as well to
run our Linux System)
NCR Hardware
algPoS belives in allowing our customers the wide choice of hardware so we have selected the best of the NCR
hardware range for our NPoS application. NPoS is designed to run in small corner stores to large supermarkets

Listed below is the current hardware we can offer from NCR. All hardware is Certified to work with the NPoS
NCR DynaKey
The NCR DynaKey is a Fast and simple to use Operator Display
desgined to speed customer though your checkouts and make it
easy for your staff to work the tills for long periods with
out pain.

algPoS uses the USB Version of the DynaKey to extened the
options to the store (including the Tab key Reader for
customer accounts or news accounts)

NCR 7542 Customer Display
the 7542 customer display is large and easy to read and it
shows the running total as well as full product description
and product cost.

NCR Printers
Depending on your checkout location algPoS has a printer for
you. all printers we support on NPoS uses thermal paper to
provide a fast and sharp print

NCR Barcode Reader
We support a wide range of NCR barcode Readers to allow you
to select the idea one for your store location / checkout

Tel : (01604) 289 431

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