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NPoS for Windows Supports the following Hardware

OPoS Barcode Reader (in version 5 and above we will be supporting Integrated Scales)
OPoS Customer Display (Also support Graphical Customer Displays)
OPoS Cash Drawer
OPOS Magnetic Swipe Card Reader
OPoS PoS Receipt Printer

We are Always adding new Hardware support to NPoS
Below are some screen shots of the application but please note the screen layout etc MAY change
as the application is STILL being improved and updated when needed.
Minimum hardware Requirements

NCR 7457 Base unit with at LEAST 1GHz CPU
32GB SSD (or 40GB Hard drive or Bigger)
Windows PoSReady 2009 Or PoSReady 7
NCR DynaKey Re Programmed to the algPoS Standard
2 x 20 Line NCR Customer Display
NCR Barcode Reader (hand held or Flat bed)
NPoS is currently a ONLINE system only. This means you must have your database server running and accessible
on the network AT ALL TIMES. If you lose your database server then YOU WILL LOOSE Your PoS Terminals

We are working on a dual Online / Offline system but this is still being developed
NPoS Point of Sale for Windows
NPoS version 5 for NCR DynaKey is the latest release of our market leading Retail software. This application is SOLELY designed to run on the NCR DynaKey hardware.

algPoS - NPoS supports the following tenders
> Cash
> Cheque (not printed)
> *Credit card (Manual or Integrated support)
> Gift voucher (vouchers can be issued by The PoS Terminal)
> Gift Cards (local and online database support available)

*Integrated Card processing are powered by Payment Sense PS Connect

Version 5 Now has increased PoS description width giving you now 30 chars for the PoS Description instead of the limiting 20 chars that most systems use. This is ideal now as you can use better descriptions for your item and that helps customers understand your receipt better
At algPoS we have always has security at the heart of our systems. So when a user has signed off the Point of sale the system is Locked.
If the PoS is running a graphical customer display then is would be when adverts are being displayed on the screen.
Each user has their own ID number (up to 4 numbers) and up to 4 digit password. This number is only for the cashier who it has been assigned to as each cashier can have different access in the systems (for example you may not want a cashier to close the till but you would want a supervisor to do this)
Once a cashier has signed in they will see the above screen. This is the heart of the NPoS system as this is the screen that Sales are processed on. In this example the system has been configured to display a "18 today DOB" message this is to help cashier work out if a customer is 18 or not just by looking at this screen)
Version 5.5 and up now has more discreet icons to indicate to the cashier that a Safe drop is required. Safe Drop values can be set on the back office computer and will go live with the PoS on the next Cash sale.
Version 5.5 and up now has the Quick Sell options where you can either set up 8 direct items to sell or set up a sub list (indicated by the -> icon) this is ideal if you have items outside your shop (for example Logs or Coal) simply add them to your system as normal and then set them up as a quick sell item
The Point of sale system has built in age verification screens and this screen is always display whenever a age limited product is scanned (unless the age of the item is less than the previous age item example you sell a item for age 18 and then a item for age 15 the PoS will not ask you to verify the age again as the 15 is younger than the 18 item)

The Point of sale system also has the power to help you stay legal with your age refusal logs. If you have the PoS Configured to track ages refusals then when a cashier says No to the age check the system will present to the user a list of reason why they refused the sale and it will NOT allow you to carry on until a reason has been selected.
The above image is just a example of a sale in process (this is what the cashier would see)
This is the change due screen this is displayed at end of every sale to open the cash drawer. This screen will not go away until the cash drawer has been closed. (the time the drawer is open is recorded in the database for security reason)
This screen is just showing the user a message to say a receipt is being printed (once completed this will go away and the PoS would be ready to start a new sale)
In version 5.5 and up we have added a "Secure Mode" to the PoS terminal. this is idea to use if for any reason the cashier has to leave the terminal (for example to check a price or the store needed to be evacuated) the secure mode and be activated at any time in the sale or when a sale is not in process.

Secure mode can only be turned off by the signed in cashier.
This is the tender screen (in this example a muitilsaver has been applied) from here the cashier can completed the transaction

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