Computer network install

algPoS has taken the installation of the network back in house as we feel we can offer a better service then asking a 3rd party to do this for us.

What we would do when we install your network.

Do a site visit
This is so algPoS knows where to put the Data links, Hub etc for the network as well as where we will locate the Database server (THIS IS NOT TO BE TOUCHED Normally)

Quote you on the price
As this is a Additional Service this will be price apart from your EPoS Install order.

Day of install
Normally We would like to install your network on a day where your store is Closed (example a Sunday) or at night when you have finished trading for the night. (algPoS would ideally like to do that as well so we can install the PoS terminals and configure then on the network so they are ready to go)

Extra Network Ports
We would install one extra Network port at your checkout counter in case you decide you want to increase your PoS terminals (this is also handy if we need to have access to the network)

Hardware We use
algPoS would use a 2 face gang plate underneath your counters this is so you can have both your EPoS terminal as well as Card processing connected via the same outlet (each would have separate data feeds to the ports)

Of course you are More than welcome to get someone else to install your Network hardware BUT Please understand algPoS will NOT support this hardware.
Tel : (01604) 289 431