Customer Display Options

algPoS has been working hard behind the sense since we moved to Debian 12 on our Front End systems to offer a more modener option for your customer displays

We can now fully support FULL Graphical displays that offer a full Listing of the products that have been scanned as well as a full Total showing (example if you are runing our systems in a Wholesaler it will show a Sub total Tax total and Total Due to the customer)

The Advantage of the Full graphical system is you can have adverts being shown on the customer displays while a sale is in progress or when the till is idol. With algPoS you can Easily create and upload new slides to the Point of sale with in minutes

We can also support the older System 2x20 chrs Customer displays incase you wanted to still use the old retro look on your EPoS but still have a upto date system

Legacy 2x20 chr line display

Fully Graphical Display

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