With algPoS link to PaperRound running your Newsagent store has never been simpler. We have linked the PoS Terminal to the PaperRound system by doing this you can process ALL Paper Round Functions and Payments etc right at the Point of sale while customer pay for other things as well. With the interlink you will be serving your customers better and faster than ever before.
Paperround Is Cost effective
Thanks to the PaperRound system being 100% cloud based you do not have to worry about your data being lost if your PoS system dies. And thanks to PaperRound pricing scheme you can be up and running from as little as 29p a Day and this will Manage ALL your rounds.

You can use standard printers to print customer invoices (no more expensive preformatted form etc) and you can also do all your work from any Computer that has an internet connection.
PaperRound Link

Tel : (01604) 289 431
EPoS Made Simple