algPoS has designed a new add on module to our Retail EPoS applications (NPoS and RetailPoS).

This new add-on allows your customers to register a figure print (once they have given you proof they are over 18 etc) and that would be it no more asking each time they come in to the store the cashier can ask for proof the customer just need to say "I’m registered" and the cashier would simply press the "Figure verify" option on the till and then the till does the rest of the work

If you have more than one store the Figure Print database can be easily shared between all your sites to allow your customers to shop and verify at any of your locations (with in the United kingdom only at the moment)

The image is of a typical figure print reader we use. with the power of the System you KNOW you and your staff will be safe and secure for age verification.

This option is ideal if you have regular customers coming in who you have to ID regularly.

Register a customer on the system is simple as 1-2-3

1. Fill in the simple registration form (the program for this is normally running on the customer service Desk computer unless the Tills are touch screen then you can register the customer at the till)

2. The customer would use their index figure and the system would read it

3. Once they are registered on the system they can start to use their figure print to verify their age (this only works on sites that have algPoS EPoS software running.
Age Verification by finger print

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