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Dry Clean for Windows Supports the following Hardware

OPoS Barcode Reader
OPoS Cash Drawer
OPOS Magnetic Swipe Card Reader
OPoS PoS Receipt Printer
Below are some screen shots of the application but please note the screen layout etc MAY change
as the application is STILL being improved and updated when needed.
Minimum hardware Requirements

Retail Base unit with at LEAST 1GHz CPU
32GB SSD (or 40GB Hard drive or Bigger)
Windows PoSReady 2009 Or PoSReady 7
Touch screen (though a mouse can be used)
Dry Clean For Windows
algPoS - Dry Clean is our software designed just to run in a Dry cleaner's and this application has been designed to meet the needs of the independent dry cleaner for years to come.
At algPoS we have always has security at the heart of our systems. So when a user has signed off the Point of sale the system is Locked.
Each user has their own ID number (up to 4 numbers) and up to 4 digit password. This number is only for the cashier who it has been assigned to as each cashier can have different access in the systems (for example you may not want a cashier to close the till but you would want a supervisor to do this)
This screen is asking the user to enter thier password.
Once the user has signed they would see this screen. This screen is used to set up the transactions option (example Same day service etc)
This is the main part of the software. from here the user can select the item(s) the customer has brough into the shop to be dry cleaned
This a example of the product catagorys. the keys that are white are what we call sub keyes (list with in a list)
The above image is just a example of a sale in process (this is what the cashier would see)

The above image is just a example screen of customers, from this screen you can add new customers or edit existing one (for example they change thier phone number or email address.

The above image is just a example screen where the system is asking for the date the item is to be collected (as this would print on the Ticket as well as the garment ticket)

This screen is asking the user if the client wanted to pay for the item(s) now. if they do not the system would print a slip with the customers items listed on them and a message in bold saying "TO BE PAID"

The above image is the tender screen, you have all the standard tenders supported (as well as intergrated card process via one of our partners)

This change screen will show up once a sale is completed (on this version the automatic status of the cash drawer is not swiched on that is why the "Press To Carry On" key is showing.
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