CCTV & Computer network install
algPoS has teamed up with NN-Networks to offer you our customers add on services that include LAN install ready for our PoS systems to be installed (Tom, the owner of
NN-Networks all ready knows our systems and he know the requirments of the PoS)

What NN-Networks will do is the following

> Do a site servay
   This is so NN-Network and algPoS knows where to put the Data links, Hub etc for the network as well as where we will locate the Database server (THIS IS NOT TO BE TOUCHED Normally)

> Quote you on the price
  NN-Networks will price you for your network install seperatly from algPoS as they are undertaking the work and we do not control that (as that is what they know)

> Day of install
  Normally NN-Networks would like to install your network on a day where your store is Closed (example a sunday)  or at night when you have finsihed trading for the night. (algPoS would ideally like to do that as well so we can install the PoS terminals and configure then on the network so they are ready to go)

> Extra Network Ports
  NN-Networks will install one extra Network port at your checkout counter incase you decied you want to incress your PoS terminals (this is also handly if NN-Networks or ourselves if we need to have access to the network)

NN-Networks can also install the latest IP HD Camera terminals and link then to a centrally monitored service

Customers that have used NN-Networks Camera services include
> Fabric Care (Weston Favell)
> Pressed For Time (Wellingbrough Road)
> Fabric Care (Wellingbrough)
> Fabric Care (The Drapery, Northampton)

Tel : (01604) 289 431